Retinal Detachment: Diagnosis and Treatment

Retinal detachment is more common than you might think. Even if you do not notice any symptoms of retinal detachment, our eye doctor will look for the signs of the problem during your annual vision exam. At The Family Eye Site, we offer professional eye testing and treatment to assess retinal detachment and properly manage the condition. We are committed to providing patients in Pembroke Pines and surrounding areas quality eye care.


How Retinal Detachment Is Diagnosed

Two tests are commonly used to diagnose retinal detachment during eye exams. The first is a retinal examination, which involves the use of a bright light and a lens to examine the back of the eye. Our eye doctor will look at the retina in detail to see any potential tears and holes. They can also see places where the retina appears detached. Next, our doctor may order ultrasound images. These images can be used to look for signs of bleeding behind your eye, which can make it easier to spot damage to your retina.

How to Treat Retinal Detachment

Surgery is one of the best ways to treat retinal detachment, but there are several options for surgical treatment. Your optometrist will discuss the pros and cons of each method with you. You may discover that your retinal tear has not yet become a detachment. This means you might benefit from a type of laser surgery known as photocoagulation or a type of freezing known as cryopexy. You'll be able to return home after each surgery, and recovery is fast.

In the event of a complete detachment, you will need surgery right away. One treatment is called pneumatic retinopexy, and it involves the injection of air or gas into the eye. This may be paired with a freezing procedure. Our eye doctor may also recommend scleral buckling, which involves creating a small indent in the wall of the eye to relieve pressure on the retina. Finally, you may undergo a procedure to drain some of the fluid from the eye.

After surgery for major retinal detachment, you may need a few months for your vision to improve. You may also need additional surgery in the future, and you will need to return for an eye screening and additional eye care after the procedure.

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Our optometrist at The Family Eye Site in Pembroke Pines provides not only eye tests but also vision exams to determine the extent of retinal damage or detachment. Eye exams and other eye care options can help identify and treat detachment early. Call our clinic today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how we can help.

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