Farsightedness is a vision condition that makes a person see objects far away clearly, and nearby objects appear blurry. This condition is also known as hyperopia. Are you suffering from farsightedness? At The Family Eye Site, we provide treatment for this and many other vision conditions. We will examine your eyes using eye tests and other effective procedures to determine the level of your condition. Then, Dr. Kennedy will recommend the best treatment method to help you see clearly. We are dedicated to providing the best eye care services to the community of Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas.


Symptoms of Farsightedness

Some of the symptoms of farsightedness include:

  • Nearby objects look blurry
  • Squinting to see things more clearly
  • Eye strain and pain around the eyes
  • Headaches or discomfort when looking at things closely, such as when you are reading

What Causes Farsightedness?

The cornea helps you see a clear image of an object. If it has a different shape from the normal round shape, the eye will not focus as it should. A flat cornea and a shorter eyeball are some of the common causes of farsightedness. Most children who are affected by this condition outgrow it as they get older. It can also be inherited, which means that if your parents have this condition, you may also get it. That is why routine eye exams are needed to detect this condition in the early stages.

When to See an Eye Doctor

If your farsightedness is preventing you from performing everyday tasks, it is a good idea to visit an eye doctor. Dr. Kennedy will determine the extent of the condition and advise you on how to correct the problem. Sometimes, a person may not even notice the vision problem since some symptoms come on very gradually over the years. A proper diagnosis from a professional can detect these issues and address them as needed.

Diagnosis & Treatment

To diagnose hyperopia, an optometrist conducts an eye test where they will tell you to read a particular chart. If the test indicates that you are suffering from the condition, the eye doctor will examine how light reflects in your retina using a retinoscope. The eye doctor might recommend glasses, contact lenses, or a vision correction procedure such as surgery to restore your clear vision.

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