Orthokeratology (Ortho-k)

If you have been diagnosed with myopia, also called nearsightedness, you may have a vision prescription prescribed to you. There are several ways that you can correct your vision to see as well as possible. You might decide to wear glasses for their ease of use as well as the way they look. You may also choose contact lenses as a convenient way to correct your vision.

There is also orthokeratology, often called ortho-k. This is a vision correction method that works very differently from glasses and contact lenses. It can correct a patient's vision without them having to wear any prescription lenses during the day. It is also a myopia control method that can be used to slow the progression of the eye condition. To get ortho-k, you need to call an eye care center to schedule an appointment. Contact The Family Eye Site to see our eye doctor in Pembroke Pines for a comprehensive eye exam.

How Ortho-k Works

Ortho-k works by using specialty contact lenses at a specific time to help the eyes to see better. When you wear ortho-k contact lenses, they apply pressure to the eyes so that the cornea is reshaped. This will improve your vision temporarily. These contact lenses are put in at bedtime and worn all through the night.

During the night, the pressure that the contact lens places on the corneas allows the cornea shape to be corrected. The effects of this reshaping last throughout the day, so you won't need to wear contact lenses or glasses during that time to correct your vision. They are often used as a myopia control method in children to slow their myopia progression.

What To Expect

Many people like using ortho-k contacts because it doesn't require any effort during the day. It is also a good alternative to surgery for many. If a patient is interested in getting LASIK surgery, they may use ortho-k lenses until their prescription is stable enough to allow them to get the surgery. To get started with these lenses, an optometrist has to have the patient’s eye mapped with a specialty tool that will not come into contact with the eye. Then, a custom pair of these contact lenses can be made that will fit precisely.

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If you are experiencing vision issues and would like to learn more about ortho-k, contact The Family Eye Site to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kennedy. We are happy to answer all of your vision-related questions and help you decide if ortho-k is right for you. Call our team today at (954) 430-8330 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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