If you've ever looked up at a blank sky, or if you've ever stared at a blank wall, chances are you might have caught a glimpse of these mysterious little eye phenomenons known as floaters. Everyone can get them, but not everyone understands just what exactly they are, if they're dangerous, or even what causes them. Fortunately, most cases of they are harmless, and they are a natural part of the aging process.

At The Family Eye Site, we are here to help keep you informed about your eye health, and do so through educating you on the basics of eye diseases, and other issues impacting the eyes. If you're looking for eye care in Pembroke Pines, FL, read on below to find out how we can help! 


What Do Floaters Look Like?

They are small squiggly lines that almost look like germs floating around in your eye. They can appear as straight lines, dots, or weird shapes that move around as you move your eye. They will follow your eye movement, and likely disappear as you stare at something else that isn't a blank canvas.

What Causes Them?

Although they might appear like germs or bacteria, they are actually harmless build-ups or protein called collagen. Overtime, this buildup becomes more and more common in the eyes, which is why many older adults have of them more so than their younger counterparts.

It's good to know that protein build-up in the eye is not harmful. However, if you're experiencing a sudden surge in these proteins or eye pain, or they are impeding your ability to see, it may be best to visit an eye doctor for help.

Can an Optometrist Treat Them?

Our optometrist can conduct an eye exam to determine whether or not your condition are harmless, or if they are due to another reason. If you experience a sudden surge in these proteins, this could also be due to an injury to the eye, such as a tear or even retinal detachment. However, this is can more than likely be accompanied by pain and other symptoms.

A treatment for proteins that persist or that bother you would be a small surgery to remove the vitreous build-up in the eye. However, our eye doctor can inform you of the treatment options.

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