Pediatric Eye Care

Eye care is a vital part of keeping children healthy. Eye examinations are essential to ensuring children maintain their vision. At The Family Eye Site in Pembroke Pines, FL, we offer quality pediatric eye care. Our eye doctor can detect and treat any health problems early. It is also important to take some measures to help your children protect their eyesight.


Spend Time Outdoors

Regular outdoor activities can reduce the chances of myopia. Studies suggest around two hours outdoors each day is ideal for protecting your children's vision. In the case of any eye injury while playing outside, contact our optometrist immediately.

Put Screens Away at Bedtime

The use of mobile phones or television can interfere with your child’s sleep. It is a good idea to turn off electronic devices an hour before turning in for the night. Using electronic devices for long hours can cause eye problems. If you notice your child rubbing his or her eyes continuously, visit our eye doctor.

Protect Your Child’s Eyes from the Sun

Research in shows that too much sun can harm the eyes, and young children's eyes are extra sensitive to UV light. We offer a variety of sunglasses for our patients to choose from. However, some toddlers and younger children don’t like them and tend to remove them. In that case, make sure your child is well sheltered from the sun and is not staring directly into it from a stroller. An alternate option is a hat with a wide brim. Ensure the hat is made from a breathable material. In case you notice any eye problems, contact our eye doctor.

Feed Your Child’s Vision

Protecting a child's eyesight is not just about avoiding things. It is also about giving your child the essential nutrients. Some of these include eye-friendly vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and E. Feeding your children with fish and fruits and veggies will provide nutrients and promote eye health. 

Don't Use Eyeglasses as Protective Gear

Your little ones may already wear corrective lenses or sunglasses, but that won’t stop foreign objects from harming their eyes. Outdoor items like pollen, dirt, and other foreign materials can easily make it to your child’s eye from above, below, and from the sides. Sports can also be dangerous for your child’s eyes. There are many sports-specific prescription eyewear options available. It is important to ensure the eye protection you choose can withstand the impact of any given activity. Accidents are unavoidable at some times. Contact us for the pediatric optometry services in case of any eye injury.

Get Professional Pediatric Eye Care in Pembroke Pines, FL

Eye exams are not just for adults. They’re even more important for children and toddlers to diagnose eye problems early. Allergies and infections can be detected through careful eye exams by our eye doctors. Your child’s risk of eye problems increases if your family has a history of eye problems, so don’t skip regular visits. At The Family Eye Site in Pembroke Pines, FL, we provide pediatric eye care and optical services. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment for your child, call us today.

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